Profitabilty Analysis

Profitability Analysis – a module of EPS’ comprehensive, turn-key Cost Management Suite – provides information needed for a comprehensive view of the company’s operations, costs and profitability.

Profitability Analysis utilizes actual sales transactions in combination with product cost information from our Product Cost Management module to analyze profitability. As a result, management staff can take a comprehensive approach to profitability analysis; provide guidance and direction to the manufacturing locations, and implement profit increasing initiatives enterprise-wide.

EPS Proftability Analysis

Benefits of Profitability Analysis include:

  • Ability to analyze what makes customer and products profitable
  • Source production to the most cost effective to manufacturing facility

Features and Functionality include:

  • Profit optimized production planning
  • Profit-to-promise optimization of customer orders
  • Customer - product - customer order profitability analysis based on actual sales transactions

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