EPS Cost Management Suite

To ensure maximum efficiency and to make accurate and timely cost and profitability-related decisions, manufacturing companies must have easy and reliable access to cost and profitability information at all levels of the corporation.

EPS Cost Management Suite, our comprehensive, turn-key software solution, which is designed for complex and process manufacturing companies, empowers our customers with vital business support needed to manage costs and improve profitability throughout their organizations.

EPS Cost Management Suiteā€™s Transportation Cost Management, Product Cost Management and Real-Time Costing modules provide our customers with maximum flexibility to support their cost management business needs and requirements.

EPS Cost Management Suite

EPS Cost Management Suite is a highly flexible solution. Customers can implement the entire suite at one time, each module individually or in whatever combination best meets their business needs. Implementation of EPS Cost Management Suite is quick, and the solution allows for easily bringing additional manufacturing locations on-line after the initial implementation without assistance from EPS.

In addition to being user-friendly, integration with other enterprise systems, manufacturing or process systems is easily accomplished using plug-and-play web service interfaces.

Some of the features for the EPS Cost Management Suite include:

  • Multi-language for international companies
  • Supports company-specific terminology
  • Multi-currency for international companies
  • Web-based application for easy deployment and access throughout the company
  • Windows .NET application for good performance and easy integration

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