About EPS..

Enterprise Performance Solutions ("EPS") specializes in cost management solutions for complex and process manufacturing industries. 


The EPS Cost Management Suite is a flexible enterprise application that can be configured to your business requirements and integrated with your accounting, production, and process systems. The Suite includes these three modules:

The EPS Transportation Cost Management module analyzes actual verses planned supply chain costs - and can reduce transportation costs by identifying cost-saving opportunities in the supply chain.

The EPS Product Cost Management module increases the accuracy, timeliness and detail of the standard and actual product costing process.  Additionally the module has functionality for recipe management, bill of material management, product specification management, cost forecasting, cost estimating and cost simulations. 

The EPS Real-Time Costing module calculates real-time production cost based on live data and flow-meter measurements.  The real-time cost information is available instantly to machine operators and production managers – allowing for immediate action and lower production costs

Implement one, two or all of the modules in the EPS Cost Management Suite, based on your business needs.

Cost management is our business. Increasing your profitability is our priority!